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Updated: Oct 17, 2018

In my opinion (cause what the hell else are blogs for) your bike can look amazing, but if you hop on looking like you're going to Walmart for milk and eggs in your track pants and hoodie, it ruins the whole effect. But let's be honest... It's not about how you look to other people (ok maybe a bit), but also how you feel when you're riding.

I personally have somewhat of a mixed style.... I like denim, I like leather but I also like textiles. Because of the varying temperatures here in Manitoba, we need to have many articles of clothing to pick from. My go to for spring/fall is definitely proper fitting jeans, the Blunnies (Blundstones), one of my many Canadian-based Motorcycle company t-shirts (Ox Motorcycles, Pow Wow Motorcycles, Future Primitive Moto, 4mulacyclewerx, Prairie Moto etc etc), a lightweight hoodie under one of my riding jackets and then gloves for the day.

My gloves consist of a pair of black Five RS2 gloves that I primarily use for highway and a pair of Grifter Company Rangers for city driving.

The jackets I have all have a purpose and unique style! First off, my Icon1000 "Oildale" waxed canvas jacket (brown one shown below). This jacket is beautiful and practical. It has shoulder, back and elbow armour, several inside pockets and a removable and breathable liner. It's water resistant and wind resistant, so on chilly days, it really does the trick to keep me from freezing my boys off.

Next up, my Joe Rocket Canada Mission Moto armoured shirt that basically feels like a jacket, is great for those breezy but warmer days. It also has back, shoulder and elbow armour, a zipped and buttoned front and those handy lapel buttons so you don't get flogged to death at 75mph!

Lastly for crusing in the city, I prefer to wear my standard jean jacket. Unfortunately there isn't any armour, but I've sewn on my patches and I just feel like it has a great look to it.

At the end of the day, I want to enjoy all the goodness that is riding. To me, that includes how I feel about my appearance on my motorcycle and the comfort factor. Let's not forget.... safety is always a top consideration when riding! Pick up one of these items and you will look good and be safe!

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