• Marc Perreault

It's exhausting... (bad dad joke)

The idea of changing Maggie's exhaust system came from my fellow riding buddies saying that Maggie's exhaust was too quiet. To be fair, the basis for comparison are: CB550K with 4 into 1 reverse cone, CB750 with 4 into 1 reverse cone, Triumph Bonneville with some loud ass thing that I hate following... and finally CM400 with straight pipes and almost non-effective baffles...

As I dug around and was looking at options and how Maggie is styled to date, I opted to go the twin pipe "leg burner" route. Scrambler style. I like the look from the old CL360's, so I decided to look for some flexible pipe options. I bought 12 feet of 1 1/2" flexible exhaust pipe on Amazon. Nope. That shit is flexible but can't make the tight radius I wanted without making Maggie look like a wooly mammoth with giant tusks...

Luckily for me, I told a friend of mine the look I was going for and it just so happened that he had some slightly beaten up header pipes from a spare CL360 engine that he bought. Because I believe everything has value and that value must be returned, I insisted I give him something for the headers. So I graciously traded him for a sweet Prairie Moto toque (see store for all colours and prices!)

Now the fun part... making CL360 header pipes fit on a CB400 head. The CB400 headers have built on collars and then the standard bolt on collar to secure the header to the head. This wouldn't work on the CL pipes, as they have the split collars. I checked with my local buds for some split collars and tried them to no avail. Too loose. The headers were floating around like crazy. I got the original split collars and bolt collars from the guy that I got the pipes. The split collars worked with a bit of grinding to fit and now the pipes are solidly installed and well sealed. The bolt collars did not work as the bolt pattern was different, but the CB400 ones worked with the split collars.

So here is the final (for now) product. As you can see, they are weathered and need some love, so my plan is to do black pipe wrap on them and then weld some Emgo Shorty mufflers on the pipe ends to finish them off. Stay tuned for those updates next week!

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