• Marc Perreault

Fuel dumping all over

I recently purchased a 1981 CB650C that had been sitting for over 10 years. Knowing that it would likely need some carb work from gasoline sitting in the fuel system, I purchased a carb kit for this model. Just your standard o-rings, jets and float needle type. I took the carb cluster off and tore it all apart. Green. Nasty. Crystallized. Just a few words to describe the sight.

At any rate, I cleaned those ODBs nice and reassembled them. I had flushed the tank out with hot water and shook it up real good and dried it out immediately. Assuming this had cleaned out all the shit, I put the carbs and tank back on and figured, this would be good to go. WRONG. Plugs were dry as a fart and no fire. I took the carbs off and they were again disgusting. I went back in my process and thought about the age of the bike and how long it sat. Figured it was probably the tank wasn't properly flushed and cleaned. Cleaned the carbs, did the hot water again, dried and this time reinstalled it all but WITH an inline filter. Still no go.

At this point i'm mildly frustrated and wondering where I went wrong. Until I was cleaning my work bench and in the carb bins (bins where I keep carb parts while cleaning them) there was a small rubber hose. Well I bet that goes on the carbs.... Yup. Take the carbs off AGAIN, add back the little hoses and finally get the rebuilt carbs back on. NOPE. Snap the adjuster nut on the pull throttle cable.

Another parts wait and I get the new set of throttle cables. I install them and get the carbs back on. She fires up and runs for a few mins... but THERE'S FUEL ALL OVER THE GROUND..... Stay tuned....

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