• Marc Perreault

A podcast now too? Pick something and stick with it ffs...

As the title suggests, you're piss poor at this blogging stuff, so what makes you think you can be a host on a podcast? Bish, please.

Well it's true. I've combined vocal and story telling forces with my moto fam homies Dan from Pow Wow Moto and Aaron from Ox Motorcycles to bring you "Once Upon a Motorcycle". On this podcast, we talk about all things motorcycle. We discuss project bikes, safety tips, riding tips, where to ride, experiences we've had and also we have special guests.

We're four whole episodes deep in this thing and I wouldn't say it's caught on fire like the gas in my CB650C carbs (whole other story), but we've had a fair amount of listeners and some great feedback.

Last night's episode featured special guest, Justin D Guignard. He's a rad dude that does cool shit on wheels. When I generalize and say wheels, I mean it. He's done stunts on Unicycles, Motorcycles, Skateboards, Bicycles and probably anything and everything else that rolls. Aside from his bad-assery, JD is just a down to earth and great person.

We had a blast doing this podcast recording from Pow Wow Moto world headquarters out in the woods. The cozy vibe that the shop at Pow Wow gave, the copius amounts of Stillhouse Bourbon, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Captain Morgan also helped the conversation flow ;).

Every time Aaron, Dan and I get together it feels like there is nothing else going on in the world. We just sit down, have a few drinks and socialize with nothing but our thoughts to guide us. For that hour or so, we are entrenched in conversation, which in this day and age with mobile devices and so many distractions, is a rare thing.

I don't know how far this podcast thing will go, how long it will last or what else it will bring, but I can tell you that the experiences that I'm a part of have been amazing.

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