• Marc Perreault

A little help?

Last week was a god send out here in the Prairies. The previous week, we had days of snow and cold weather and the end of this very short autumn was on us. Last week however, we were surprised with a couple of really nice fall days and the motorcycles were out in full force. With so many itching to get out and rip, lots of people were riding solo or in groups, but regardless of numbers, the evidence of the camaraderie and sense of community we have as riders was very apparent.

A "virtual friend" that is one of my Instagram followers and part of our Vintage Riders group, went to go start his bike and go for a ride to enjoy the nice weather. He went to start it and no dice. A few guys in the group (including him) were going to meet up and go out, but instead, the ride became a rescue mission to get the bike going. A fellow member of the group, @moto49wpg got in his truck, drove down and loaded up the bike and took it to the local bike shop that specializes on Vintage bikes @oxmotorcycles and they spent some time to get the bike going again.

Fast forward a few days later, we hit a 100 year high for October 17th of 23C here in Winnipeg. It was gorgeous out. Many of the Vintage riding group members took to the streets in different groups to get out and ride. My group was of about 5 and we decided to head out to Lockport MB for a ride. We got to Lockport no issues and stopped for a milkshake and a rest. Living in different parts of the city, we decided to split up to go home. Three of us one way and the other two in another direction.

We started to head back down Henderson Hwy to get back to Winnipeg. I was leading my group and checked back and realized I lost them. I turned around and rode back about a mile and they were on the side of the road. I pulled over and it looked like one of the guys had run out of gas. We spent some time troubleshooting and did in fact find out that the tank was bone dry and that he didn't realize he was already using the reserve. As you may know, most of these bikes don't have fuel meters, so you need to either go by checking the tank or by miles per tank.

So we hung around and waited until our buddy got some gas. Luckily we were in a decently populated area so we were able to just walk to some neighbors and get enough gas to get us to the next station. We rode off right at dusk and managed to get home with no issues.

The point I wanted to make is simple. This group of people that has come together has no life long tie. We are people that have come together via the love of all things motorcycles. We are people of all different races, genders and religions and none of us see any of those. We all see each other as nice people that ride and we constantly look out for and support each other. Ride on peeps.

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